JUPETO SL is a company that started out in 2003 in order to popularise alkaline water in Spain, a product that has been on sale in Eastern Europe and Japan for over 50 years now and with great consumer acceptance. This led to the creation of the VA-31 Agua Alcalina®,  our ioniser that has been used by thousands of people inside and outside Spain. The health benefits offered by alkaline water are clear.

Health is the greatest freedom of human beings and we deserve to have different options, which is why we are here.

Our goal: to make good things affordable for everyone.

We are now ready to move forward with this ever-so-important project for us and for all the people who so far have benefited from it, and we do so with our spirit revitalised by the signs of affection that we receive daily and in our ongoing quest for new solutions that make people's lives healthier. We want to share what we have with you.

weight · cholesterol · blood pressure · migraines · allergies · fungal infections · colds · heartburn · psoriasis · rheumatism · dermatitis · warts

Made in Spain ·  2 year warranty  ·  No filters, no spare parts  ·  Thousands of litres