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* All products have a 2-year warranty certificate.
* The warranty period begins when this certificate is issued.
* Returns are accepted at the indicated workshops upon presenting the warranty certificate completed, signed and stamped at the point of purchase.
* Warranty service shall only occur if the product is presented in its original box along with all accessories.

Warranty and returns are not accepted in the following cases:

 * When the instructions for proper operation, storage or transport indicated in the manual are not obeyed.
* Damage caused by the customer when transporting the product and mechanical breakdown of the body or the display.
* Attempts to repair the product by unauthorised persons.
* Counterfeit warranty card or serial number, or blank warranty card.
* Damage caused by natural forces (floods, earthquakes, fires etc.) or electrical outage.
* Use of the device with incompatible devices or modules.
* In all these cases, repairs shall be charged to the customer or the device shall be returned without being repaired.

Period for exercising the right of withdrawal:

The consumer and user shall have ten working days to exercise the right of withdrawal. In this case, the company is not liable for refund costs. If the products are damaged by inadequate packaging, such damages will be quantified and deducted from the total refund.