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Tourmaline neck brace, permanent magnets, germanium and bamboo charcoal powder  


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The brace supports your neck and head and helps movement. The Dr. Nature brace is created using Japanese technology and designed to prevent and improve neck and shoulder pain, neck tingles, rheumatism, osteochondrosis, cervical pain, thyroid problems, sleep problems, colds, headaches, loss of concentration and fatigue.

Using the brace normalises the functions of osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and restores joints, intervertebral discs and bones. It improves the sustainability of bones, stimulates the production of synovial fluid and ensures the reliable lubrication of joint surfaces. The use of the collar reduces disc degeneration in the case of cervical osteochondrosis and improves the functions of the cervical spine. It increases the elasticity of bone ligaments, relieves muscle tension and stress, and increases the stability and strength of the body. It helps tone the body quickly and is effective against fatigue and stress, producing a general restorative effect on the body. Especially suitable for people who work on a computer every day.

When can the Dr. Nature tourmaline neck brace be used?

• Pain and stiffness in the neck;
 • Pain in the back and top of the shoulder;
 • Stress, tension, brain strain;
 • Tingling, rheumatism, plexopathy;
 • Headaches, colds, flu, fatigue;
 • Dizziness;
 • Shivering;
 • Circulation problems;
 • Drowsiness;
 • Thyroid problems;
 • Chronic tonsillitis;
 • Cervical osteochondrosis;
 • Particularly suitable for people with sedentary lifestyles and who work with computers.