Air Ionizer BYK-JY68
  • Air Ionizer BYK-JY68


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Jupeto Agua Alcalina,
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Kills bacteria in small pockets of stagnant air, disinfects the air and eliminates odours caused by moisture, spores or pets


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  • Silent no-motor design  

  • Easy-to-use cordless connection

  • Only 2 watts

  • Easy-to-clean ionic dust collector

  • Keeps air clean and fresh

  • Increases the density of anions in the air

  • Uses advanced ionic air movement technology

In a confined space such as a toilet, a storage room or a study, airflow is usually stagnant. In this environment bacteria can reproduce more easily and produce unpleasant odours. With our elegant cordless air freshener you can solve all these problems and enjoy fresh, clean air in your home.

The air freshener uses advanced ionic breeze technology that distributes the flow of ozone-rich air to neutralise odours and kill bacteria. The metal dust collector produces static electricity to absorb microscopic contaminants and allergens in the air such as dust, pollen, fibre and fungal spores. No filters or spare parts required.

This cordless ionic air freshener fits flush to the wall without taking up unnecessary space.

This modern and compact air freshener operates silently without a motor and only uses 2 watts. It also has a long-life LED that provides enough light for a small space and is an ideal device for homes.