Bionase Rhinitis Treatment
  • Bionase Rhinitis Treatment


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Jupeto Agua Alcalina,
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Apparatus for the treatment of rhinitis by irradiation of low-energy narrow-band light


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The device relieves the symptoms of rhinitis. Long-term rhinitis problems that lead to continuous nasal congestion and runny nose can diminish the sense of smell and even lead to otitis, pharyngitis and other inflammations of the nasal cavities.

• Relieves nasal allergies and reduces bacteria production, virus, edema, eliminates nasal congestion.

• Repairs damaged nasal mucosa quickly, repairs damaged capillaries.

• Promotes the secretion of salivary cells in the nasal mucosa.

• Reduces the release of amyloid tissue, relieves allergic reaction.

• Improves the ability of antivirals, the ability of the nasal tissue to prevent allergies.

• Integral improvement of the immune system, so that there is no recurrence of rhinitis.